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Day 25: Remembrance Day 2030 & What We’re Really Fighting For

On this Remembrance Day I want to take you on a journey of what could be if we do not step up now while we still can.

Many men and women have fallen in the fight between the light and dark forces and agendas of this world and we will be no different if we don’t realize just how easily freedom can be taken from us, like the fallen ones knew before they fell.

Imagining how the world will be in 10 years from now is difficult, especially right now, because we are literally experiencing the divergence of timelines and the fight between the fearfull and faithfull is stronger than ever.

2030 is the year the new world order is set to be in full power if you dig into the Georgian Guidestones, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 or the Rockefeller Report 2010 I’ve shared with countless people since this formal attack on and from the crown kicked off. You can look any of these up for yourself in a simple search should you choose…

Here’s the thing those rabbit holes will not likely take you to but I want to for it’s a clear portrayal of what is happening from a spiritual perspective.

The sun has a corona made of gaseous fumes that surround and encase it which can be likened to a crown, like the halo Jesus is often seen to ‘wear’ to represent his angelic nature, except it’s what we have a chance to wear for ourselves now too by embodying our own Christ Consciousness and drawing that aspect of ourselves near to our physical self.

The elite who have most of the money, due to selling us (the citizens) out, have laid out a sinister plot to enslave humanity in a greater way than ever before and our DNA is the target of their desires. That’s why ancestry tracing has become so popular in recent years and what we’re not being told is that these records are not just valuable to us. A story for another time…

Soldiers have fought for their respective countries since civilization began and were indoctrinated into a world of control, submission, domination and the occasional act of mercy displayed between individuals. For soul-less entities have no care for people, they just care about the profits those people represent – it’s connected to things the public have intentionally NOT been made aware of for the public uprising it would garner if we understood what we’re really apart of, to which the Plandemic is directly tied.

The fallen ones celebrated on this day lost their lives to protect our freedoms and uphold our rights as citizens of Planet Earth, but along the way the machine got corrupted and the cogs in the wheel were what got thrown out and replaced instead of what was breaking the cogs.

Soldiers are good people caught in a dirty game where people become pawns for the Kings, Queens, Bishops and Castles to knock out with little hope for protection unless we make it to the other side of the board and become one of those higher level players ourselves. The game of chess is as valuable to understanding life as it is fun to play.

And therein lies today’s message of remembrance.

We are pawns in a game designed to challenge the players on the field, until we rise in awareness and fully commit to a strategy we can collectively get behind.

Individual human beings are the ones spraying petrochemicals and nanoparticles of metals onto the lands we all live on. Individuals are making their living poisoning people in the name of easing pain caused by the environmental toxins we’re all getting more sensitive to as our toxic load increases. Individuals are the ones upholding orders from a top-down pyramid structure of power designed to tax the slaves so the wealthy can live off the fruits of their labour.

We are the labour force and have, to an extent, been able to bask in the fruits of our efforts until now when things are projected to get bad before they get better. And so on this day of remembrance, when we reflect on all that those we lost along the way who gave their lives to maintain the very freedoms many have so freely given up in the name of ‘protecting others’ with a muzzle, we are called to consider where we wish to be in 2030 when the New World Order would hope to be firmly planted in power and full control.

It’s dangerous to write such things during this highly charged time and yet if not us then who will?

We are far more powerful as creative beings than we’ve ever taken credit for. It’s just time for us to use our creative energies instead of our reactive nature which uses the same letters in a different order.

The determining factor is whether we are letting fear or faith lead the way and on this day of remembrance I call you to choose faith in a higher plan, than even what the illuminati leaders would have us falsely follow to our doom.

One day we will be the fallen ones others reflect on for how we helped them have the freedoms and liberties they may take for granted one day too. And yet we are called to dream of a world where the fruits of the spirit are ripe and in harvest all-ways regardless of what they who come from us do with what we leave as their inheritance.

I am sure the souls that gave their all for us to have what we do would agree that love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfullness, gentleness, and self-control (Galations 5:22) are the fruits of the spirit that we are being called to harvest now as the individuals who will either drive the machine forward to our destruction, or who will wake up those around us so that together we may stop feeding a regime and agenda that aims to see us wiped out.

Rest in peace to all those brave men and women who fought for our rights and may we realize that yours are the shoulders of Giants that we stand on now as we reform ourselves to be more faith-full than fear-full. Thank you for all you gave so we could arrive at this moment prepared to take back our power and build something greater than fear can control.

If you don’t know what you stand for you risk falling for anything. So take a stand for what you believe in and begin to develop your awareness of The Spiritual Roots of Sickness and Dis-ease like Bishop Larry Gaiters and I discussed in Episode 5 of the PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Podcast recorded last week.

Thank you to all who came before us and demonstrated courage and a willingness to stand for what is right, not because it’s the easy thing to do but because we are who history will write about in the future so long as we choose faith over fear and triumph in the war for our Souls. It’s way bigger than we could possibly imagine, and yet when we do, let us choose to focus on a dream we can bring to life together!

Much love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. I recorded a song while doing handstands last night, a practice that taught me about The Tipping Point in Collective Consciousness. I talk about it as I play and hope you’ll enjoy the fun while honouring your own body today! Check that out here if you’re interested 🙂 

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