Day 33: The Origins of a ‘Corona’ & Questions About God & Jesus

Did you know that the corona featured in most pictures of Jesus (the halo effect) is also found around suns, as a gaseous layer of energy, like an aura?
And as suns (and daughters) of the Grand Overall Designer, the same creator of all that is, we have a responsibility to shine light on the darkness of mistruth where we find it. And to dig deep enough to find the truth of the matter for our-cellves.
What if ‘born again’ meant to reconnect with our inner Christ self? For what if Jesus came before us all to plant the seeds of remembrance within our DNA for us to awaken to through relationship with Christ and aligning with the Christed One Within? I am going to interview Michael Seegers and other advanced Teachers and Mentors of the modern age about this very topic and wonder if you have any God related questions you haven’t known where to ask them?
The teachings of the ascended masters fill in some of the blanks the Bible has always seemed to leave out for me and I’d love to have a cultured conversation about Jesus, the Bible, higher wisdom and culture between people I believe have a high level perspective of Divine Creation and an advanced ability to share secrets using the minute details of our own lives to impart the moral of the story. It is this very B.S. (Belief Systems) that keep us talking about the same things using different language thinking we’re completely different when the truth is our box was just too small for us to see that we’re actually talking about the same things with different words.
Here’s the thing. As I mentioned in the interview I did with Michael Seegers in “The ABCs of Spirituality: Addiction, Belief and Chemistry,” God is too great to be put into a box because the Grand Overall Designer created all that is and therefore is both the box and all that is both outside and inside the box too. And so it is that we are now being called to drop the walls on the boxes of who we thought we needed to be in order to be enough and get back to the fact that that we always were which is why we were trained otherwise during our IMPRINT YEARS which John Flagherty references in a book I intend to dig into during the month of December!
As I lay out my month ahead from a training perspective I am wondering if you’d be interesting in attending an INNER PEACE Ignited Summit where we actually talk about Christ Consciousness and how to feel safe through the process of experiencing cognitive dissonance on an individual, tribal and global scale as a member of Planet Earth.
A lot of people think I’m nuts and ‘off my rocker’ for how I dance, sing and laugh as though it’s just us in the room when I do it because at the end of the day that’s what it’s really about.
It’s about the rooms we’re willing to get ourselves into, the connections we’re willing to make when we’re in them or through them and the opportunities we’re willing to say yes (and no) to along the way.
Now that you know the next INNER Child PEACE Summit will be Tuesday December 1 from 7-9pm EST you can hopefully make arrangements to be there.
And further to last month’s 1st INNER PEACE Summit that was not recorded, Thursday November 26 from 4-6pm EST I’ll be teaming up with Richard Gordon again for the second PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Summit and would love to have you join in to both or either Summit! Inner work will be the focus of both and I’m intended to introduce the PEACEFULL INNER Warrior’s S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Formula for self-actualizing and achieving self-mastery in this lifetime.
Be sure you’re signed up at so I can keep you updated and share the newest videos and information I’ve discovered that I believe you would benefit from being aware of!
Peace Out & In Too ❤
PS. Feeling super blessed to have nearly uploaded the INNER Child PEACE Summit #2 with Tim Wheatley onto YouTube and will share the link tomorrow. Yesterday I also uploaded the full interview with Michael Seegers about The ABCs of Spirituality! It’s a touchy subject but worthy of discussing. Check them out by going here first.

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