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Day 51: Sunk Costs Don’t Need To Take You Down More

It’s day two of a three day conference I invested a few hundred dollars to be part of that I wished I hadn’t said yes to immediately after I did.

It’s a network marketing conference and once again my reasons for saying yes were revealing to me.

I thought I’d learned my lesson with a program I invested into this spring largely because I’d contributed a lot during the Summit a friend had invited me to and she’d signed up as well. I thought it’d be an opportunity to grow together but two weeks in (out of 12) she dropped out because it wasn’t aligned for her and there I was in a time intensive program geared toward people who wanted to be influencers and speakers like I was already doing online, but despite it’s lack of alignment with what I was trying to do I stuck it out till the very end in hopes of justifying my investment.

Leap forward several months when I said yes to this Summit, I said yes to the person who invited me without having enough details to make an informed decision and not wanting to put them into obligation for my change of mind the day after, I paid up and got the time off work.

It’s a pattern I’ve had of saying yes to good opportunities that aren’t great for me because of the people involved or who invite me. FINALLY,  I’ve learned my lesson.

I participated in the call for nearly 8 hours yesterday, when all was said and done, and sorted through the mess on my desk I’ve been meaning to work through too. My garbage can is nearly full of ideas that now have a more organized home on my nearly full computer and despite having paid the money, today I’ve given myself the gift of focusing on my own priorities and forgiving myself.

People love it when other people make their vision a priority and until we’re clear about our own vision, it’s easy to get distracted.

Prioritizing this meant redirecting my attention off of what really matters to me and my heart just wasn’t on board.

Can you relate to that experience of trying to push yourself into an opportunity your heart stands cross-armed and resistant to moving toward? It’s happened to me countless times and this conference can be seen as a turning point for me that I hope can offer you insight from too.

I said yes because I was already doing too much, without a clear enough focus, and thought maybe I could use this training to make the money-making promise of network marketing part of my lifestyle, as a passive income for those who enjoy healthy coffee too. Yet instead of being able to focus on what would have helped me get more organized, I said yes to a time intensive exercise that would have only added to the clutter on my desk had I not made the executive decision to cut my losses early and use the next two days productively instead.

To say I’ve had some lower level emotions to work through the last few days would be an understatement, and yet instead of investing 3 full days into this conference out of obligation like the time-intensive course earlier in the year, I decided to cut my losses early and use this as a lesson in what I’ll not do again.

I’m working on the final review of Episode 6 of “The Michael & Laura Show” on ‘The Violet Flame’ and while it’s not a money making opportunity like a network marketing opportunity could be with enough effort, attention, and investment, it’s far more aligned to the legacy I desire to create in this world and that is worth more than money.

On Tuesday December 15 at 7pm EST I’ll be teaming up with Kip Brooks for the next INNER Child PEACE Summit with a focus on legacy this time, and what I know from this turning point weekend is that sunken costs don’t mean we have to go down to the bottom to get the lesson when we realize it’s not the right pool for us. I hope you will choose to join us!

Grow through perceived mistakes by choosing to do things differently next time, and cutting your losses earlier than you may have given yourself permission to do before.


Laura JeH – Namaste

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