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Day 60: No Distractions, No Fatigue & No Giving Up

Back in 2017 I had the pleasure of connecting with Brenda Williams who had done an interview on Gaia TV about opening the heart and as I sat listening to the interview on a Saturday night alone in my condo, I heard her call for 100 leaders to step forward to embed the triad wave frequency into their work and I wanted to be one of them.

I reached out to her and to my delight she responded.

Brenda shared with me some of her journey and how she’d come to develop the heartwave frequency which I hope to have her share in a podcast episode in the coming months. She has an incredible story and wealth of wisdom to offer. I feel very blessed to know her.

Over the years, my intention to get my work out on the world stage has not went to plan and there are reasons for that which I’ll share. But Brenda was an invaluable mentor figure in my life ever since our first connection, even though she’s went through a lot on her own path as I went through my own.

One of the pieces of advice she offered me, which I failed to take heed of and paid a high price for, was “No distractions and no fatigue.”

I remember hearing her words of wisdom loud and clear as I defied her advice, last year especially as I tried to spiritually bypass some of the difficult lessons my soul needed to learn using plant medicine I didn’t know how to integrate the insights from after. And yet my scared saboteur, child, prostitute and victim were in the drivers seat of my inner realm and this sacred advice became the “shoulda, woulda, coulda, didn’t” that unravelled me faster than I knew how to handle.

Tonight, after an eight hour shift at the grocery store, where the lines extended back further than I’ve seen since I became a cashier in March, I feel tired and really just want to rest quietly on my own so I can recharge and go back to the ‘front lines’ tomorrow.

But I decided to push through and get this message out to you anyway because yesterday was one of the most powerfully charged days astrologically that we have experienced during our lifetimes, and there’s a reason our govern-ment made the lockdown announcement when they did, I believe.

It’s tied to this ‘no distractions, no fatigue’ guidance I received, which is far too easy to overlook when such an ‘important’ announcement is made that will purposefully seal the fate of many small businesses who rely on the post-Christmas influx of Boxing Day shoppers’ purchases. Not to mention how it makes gathering with loved ones during this sacred season an even more ‘dangerous’ thing to do.

The mind controllers know how to push our buttons and keep us in fear, where they can easily manipulate us and steal our power. But when it’s so freely given because of the naive trust we have placed in the ones we were raised to believe had our best interest at heart, is it really being stolen or just freely given away?

A lot of people don’t like me for speaking out the way I have about what’s been happening this year, and for standing for freedom by not wearing a mask despite being on the frontlines with hundreds of strangers practically every single day. And yet I’ll do it until the big box chain I work for changes their corporate policies to make masks mandatory for employees and customers, at which time there will be few alternative options to choose from left as those in power destroy the livelihoods of private business owners who were already struggling and have now had the noose tightened with no foot stool left under them.

It may sound grim and ‘over the top’ and fatalistic, but can you really watch what’s happening and not real-eyes that unless we step up, together, and hold the politicians and corporate leaders making these insane decisions accountable, you’ll read this later with shock as life forever changes. I will not say “I told you so” because there is no part of me that wants to be right about this.

I share this because I’m tired today, and I’m pushing through because I love people and I want nothing more than for more of us who realize what’s happening, as small business owners, and entrepreneurs, and front line workers, and educators, and professionals who fear what we will lose for taking a stand to realize what we will lose if we don’t.

It’s hard to stand strong when venom is spewed at you regularly, because the mainstream narrative is brain-washing people into believing there is an invisible enemy that threatens to take them out by meeting an infected one who could then contaminate them and ‘their bubble’. And yet I believe in my immune system, as I have all the months and years leading up to now, and I also believe in the strength of the human spirit when aligned with love and faith.

The “Tube of Light” is a powerful tool I’m calling on more faithfully as I face the public for another eight hour shift tomorrow and Michael Seegers and I recorded another episode of “The Michael & Laura Show” on it that I’ll get uploaded as soon as I can; but I’m taking Brenda’s advice more to heart now that I’ve experienced the consequences of not doing so.

In the mean time, self-care is an order so off I go to stretch out my body, do some decrees and hit the hay early so I can rise before the sun and get back to editing before my next shift.

We’ve got to look after ourselves and shift our focus away from safety, back to health, because the truth is that none of us make it safely out of life alive. But all of us will face ‘judgement day’ and knowing we’ve done our best to live well and inspire others to stay strong goes far further than staying within unhealthy boundaries set by narcissistic controllers out for themselves and ‘theirs’.

Much love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. Individuals typically abscond personal responsibility in the name of tribal belonging, but we all must face the consequences of our karma and how those choices impact both ourselves and others. Michael offered a profound perspective of this before we got to the tube of light presentation that I’d love for you to watch. We are being called to turn around and the tools are there if we’re open.

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