The Mother That Holds Your Feet

in the heart of the tree

A problem occurs when you allow external factors to influence your I.N.N.E.R emotional states.

I.N.N.E.R standing for Individual Needs Necessitate Emotional Resiliency and reminding us that as much as we are all like snowflakes that thaw and refreeze in the same pattern countless times, we also share patterns that can either support or undermine us collectively.

The Universe is perfectly comfortable with the spectrum of emotions and is not attached to a particular outcome, so it uses each of us to experience and express more of itself in the physical plane of existence we reside in. Problems are a great way to bring up all the emotional sediment from the bottom of our I.N.N.E.R world, and Mother Earth is able to hold the space for the transformation we are all undergoing right now as a collective.

We are all residents on the ultimate Mothership called Mother Gaia (Planet Earth) and she is upgrading now just as we are. She also uses external events to trigger emotional releases, except she is able to transmute even more, faster, by intentionally cutting attachments to particular outcomes that haven’t happened yet.

We have no control over the past or future because both are out of our hands. It’s only this present moment we’re able to influence and the same is true for Mother Gaia, except she holds and transmutes the emotions of us all through her inner crystalline grid. It’s the equivalent of the body’s nervous system, and it all links back to the Earth’s molten core.

We must learn to surrender our emotions into the Earth, moving trapped emotions out of our emotional (and physical) bodies and letting them settle into the Mother committed to our libration, who knows better than to take any of it personally.

Practice visualizing yourself with roots growing down from each foot and watch as they extend through each layer of rock and sediment until you’re at the centre of the Earth’s core and are able to wrap around it, feeling the Earth’s pulse get stronger as you move closer to this centre.

Intentionally direct emotions you’re holding onto from the past down your body, from wherever it was trapped, and see the ‘problem’ plunge further and further toward the Earth’s core for her to transmute it with love and return it to us forever changed.

Mother Gaia has no limits or expectations of you so you can do this as often as you find helpful.

Earth is the only thing outside of ourselves that has always been there for us through everything. But we can no longer take her for granted the way we have if we expect for her to stay healthy and continue to support us the way she has always done. It is time to be more respectful if we’re to continue calling her home.

Along the Hero’s Journey which I invite you to come along with me on now, I’m going to share a war chest of tools, teachings and resources that you’ll be able to use to navigate the journey ahead of you.

Changing your relationship with your own masculine and feminine qualities will be part of it, and Mother Gaia will be there for us through it all, so to begin this journey we begin with her.

Take time to love and appreciate all that you have access to as a Spiritual being having a human experience now and know how much I appreciate your trust in me as your guide through it!

Much love,

Laura JE Hamilton

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