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Don’t Waste Your Precious Time Feeling Alone – Join Us Tonight & Saturday!!!

“Don’t waste your precious days,
Time is of the essence,
Heed these words I say
The Master lives and breathes
In everything we are
I’m calling to his madmen
The madmen of the heart.”
Trevor Hall wrote a beautiful song called “The Weaver” with profound lyrics about the need to take full advantage of every moment we have as a living, breathing man or woman alive and able to experience and express ourselves in the full act of creation now.
Trevor’s song “Karma” came next on the album playlist I am listening to while writing this message to you in hopes of reminding the men and women who are raping and pillaging the Earth and her creatures that we will all pay a karmic price for our choices. And I know I would rather pay a high price to stand for what I believe in now rather than pay the ultimate price of living in regret for not having done what was in my reach to do when the next generation ask why they’re so limited.
Remembering to self-care is vital and after the Worldwide Rally on Saturday where I got interviewed by DRUTHERS’ Zoey and Jordan after a PSW standing for her children and right before the speakers on the statue, I took a day to charge and be quiet. I’m on around the 3-6min mark so you can catch what was shared in Queen’s Park here – please also note that I believe there is a lot of unprocessed FEAR and anger in some parts (of us all) that may activate unresolved E-Motion in you that will need to be grounded.
That is what we will be doing tonight at 7:33pm EST when Nina Peters and I kick off a breathing ceremony to set the stage for the Youth United: Sacred Space To Focus On Higher Level Needs In Common Unity call that will begin at 8pm EST.
The breathing workshop will be LIVE Streamed to Facebook with the zoom link included to make it easy for you to join us from 8-9pm ish for a candid conversation about what’s happening now from a mind control and subvert bullying perspective.
Our younge ones need a space to express themselves and feel empowered to be part of the change they seek in this world! So let us set the stage for them through our choice to unify our efforts for a common goal?
I’ve been recording a lot of creative content simply because I’m overflowing with creative ways to express what is happening as my way to spark authentic expression in others without fear of embarrassment by how that comes out. I love authenticity and even made it be the A in the PEACEFULL acronym of PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United which is the initiative I’ve been working to get off the ground for a few years now.
I went to Soulshine Festival and met some incredible leaders who are also doing amazing work in this world so am doing my best to share them with you as it fits and feels appropriate! And I’ll be releasing the email series for my birthday in October instead as that will be part of my legacy so it feels an appropriate way to launch the series the rewrote version of me is penning now.
And literally in this moment, Trevor started playing Free (so you know how long it took for me to write this message to you) which seems a befitting song to finish up with.
“We got to be free!”
Come on the call tonight and let’s talk about what that would mean so that we can start redirecting our attention onto that which we actually want.
And let us remember the light of our soul as we come together we find there’s no reason to explain the mysteries of life beyond the need to choose responsibly how we are willing to invest our energetic resources while we have the pleasure of being here in these vessels on Ma-Terre.
It’s time for us to reconnect with her and hymn too.
Music is how we reharmonize humanity, I believe, and so let us do that together tonight and again this Saturday September 25 at 1:11pm in front of City Hall in Hamilton before we travel to Victoria park to ground and work through the energies that need to be released and moved consciously!
I hope you’ll be able to join with us as we experience the benefits of being able to let our heart fields overlap and uplift the whole collective consciousness!
Hope you’ll join myself and the phenomenal men and women who will be on tonight’s call!
With love and respect for your ability to choose,
Laura JeH – Namaste


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