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Notices & Liabilities Clarification: Laura JeH’s Story

Back in April 2021 when my person was issued a Summons for speaking at an Anti-Lockdowns Rally in Simcoe, Ontario I saw it as a test I’ve been given an opportunity to pass with flying colours.

I had learned enough about how corrupt the system is from the perspective of the Mental Health system back in 2019 and then when the con video game drama kicked off in 2020 and the world was shut down simply because we went along with an evil corporate agenda we are the ones accruing negative karma for upholding.

I’ll admit that in February 2020 I hit my lowest point where the doubt, fears and uncertainties about my ability to do what I feel called to do in this world peaked and without an emotional support system strong enough to carry the burden of what energies were being stirred within me, I knew I couldn’t make it on my own so called for support from the system; I spent five days in a local crisis stabilization bed program while getting over the worst coronavirus of my life, being forced to wear a mask while in the public spaces and feeling so worthless and shameful about it in the process, I moved myself out of my city room and got myself recollected so I could try something more normal than I had been trying to do for so long.

Notably, CoVID AI wasn’t active in Canada yet but it was already very real for the students I’d been teaching in China and I do believe I was empathically tuned into that without knowing it!

That experience in 2020 taught me that the Mental Health system as it is presently structured is not designed to help people or reorient them to fit into society but instead to serve as a holding tank until medication can regulate our emotions away. We’ve created a world designed to keep the odd-balls away from the general public in case their influence corrupts those around the divergent one.

Back then, I didn’t understand how well my soul had set me up to see BS in unexpected places before the whole world got caught in a game of deceiving ourselves and one another.

By having a(nother) break down in February 2020 right before the world went into lock down, I got humbled to the point of being willing to look for a job with minimal responsibility so I could just heal and put in time as it seemed so many others were doing and I just couldn’t fully understand. Because in having another breakdown right before the Pendemic hit Canada, I lost my contract teaching English to children in China online and quit being a Mad Scientist in schools too. So after I got home from the crisis stabilization centre, I applied for a job at the Superstore in Simcoe and got offered the job in the interview.

And so it was that I worked on the frontlines of the retraining brigade warning customers about the hidden agendas at play which include but are not limited to the Rockefeller Report 2010, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and now Agenda 2050, as played out in Event 201, and to also make fun of my unwritten job description which had come to include retraining patrons how to interact during their shopping experience; had I not had that position at the time I wouldn’t have come to the conclusions that I did so early on when I saw how regular men and women were being tasked to impose unlawful orders on other men and women whilst in the employee’s workplace.

But the sick thing was to see just how much some individuals enjoyed the power they extracted from being an “essential worker” with the power to impose measures on another man or woman while under their jurisdiction.

I wasn’t comfortable with it and I let people know I wasn’t afraid of them or the virus the President of Ghana spoke out about in a video I saw early on in the Pandemic that tipped me off to what I was sensing.

I noticed my smile breaking the spell people seemed bound by, even if only for a brief while, and the ripple effect began because I chose to be a beacon for those who may have been where I was when I took on all the BS (Belief Systems) of those around me who didn’t understand what I was trying to do or be in this world and it nearly broke me. But it didn’t.

I emerged stronger and not only able to stand up for myself and others, but willing and committed to doing so to the best of my ability. And what I know for sure is that the women who joined me yesterday in one of the most important interviews I’ve done to date, is that these women have gone to hell and back for their convictions too.

We are now called to come together to stand like these trees have for all these centuries, except to do so we must take a stand for ourselves first and others second, which is the very reason self-hatred has been bred into us culturally.

At 5:55pm EST Chuck Black with and I will cohost a call about Notices & Liabilities. This call will be recorded and posted to YouTube as a replay to ensure those present are able to share candidly and others can listen back to it.

At 8pm Françoise and I will focus on and read chapters 7&8 of Saint Germain on Alchemy in our Book Reading Group and let us learn from the masters how to transform our self-image into who and whose we came here to be.

Join us for both or either through under PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United and send your love into the world the way we are all being called to do now!

When we be-come part of the corpo-real body of the corporation (short form akin to corpse) we must remember that corporeal describes something that has a physical form, is bodily and exists in the real world of form and structure. It does not include that which is spiritual or emotional which means it does not have the capacity to reflect us and all that we are.

To reduce yourself to fit in the box of the corporeal body is to deny your true power and play small for the sake of fitting in. But now it is time to dare to rise above that so that we fit in where we have stretched to belong.

The experiences that have led me to this point in my life have stretched me to near my breaking point but I have survived and got stronger for it so that I can help others dare to stand up for what you believe in the way I have and will continue to do, and like the women present from the Rainforest Flying Squad here are doing in a very literal way and need your help in!

The Rainforest Flying Squad is a volunteer driven, grassroots, non-violent direct action movement committed to continuing the tradition of Native culture to  protect the 2.7% of B.C.’s original productive old growth forests that remains standing and is currently under attack!

In this candid interview, these women shared their testimony of what is happening to the brave men, women and creatures risking their lives to protect this vital part of our global ecosystem.

Our trees play a pivotal role in cleansing our environment in the ultimate orchestral experience that life is and it is time for us to step up to protect these ecosystems the way so many out West are already doing!

For more information on Facebook join Where Misfits Fit: Home For Soulfull Seekers  and Fairy Creek Blockade.

Let’s unite and breathe with the trees in common unity, around Canada, North America and the world on September 20 too!

It’s all happening NOW dear ones, we’re doing it!!!

Laura JeH – Namaste

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