“It’s Giddy Up Go Time Darlin!” at 9pm EST Sharp

I just got a voice memo from Wayne Peters who is a sacred activist over in Saskechewan who has been taking a beating online with all the censorship because of the work he is doing to share the conspiracy behind all the theories. He is a man who understands the power of credible witnesses and so throughout the course of this Pendemic/Plandemic he has been interviewing rising stars in the freedom movement.

Tonight his guests are three brave medical Doctors who are daring to speak out despite the cost.

Wayne’s “What’s Up Canada” website has been disabled temporarily due to cyber attack but he is hosting a series of Doctors Talks starting with tonight’s meeting which got me my first warning on YouTube for even promoting yesterday.

In fairness, I did mention the graphine oxide nanoparticles that are listed as a trade secret on these GMO jabs that mean they don’t have to list that toxic ingredient, but it’s also because I’m pretty sure it was starting to gain traction and they wanted to shut it down early. I also used a fateful set up statement which became a prophecy fulfilled (a longer story for another email).

I understand what could happen from being involved with those willing to stand up and speak up because I’ve been doing it the whole time, but I’m daring to continue doing it anyway because if not me, then who can I expect to be brave enough to go against the grain if I won’t?

Decision makers need to remember who hired them and I believe it’s up to us to remind them lawfully.

At 9pm EST Wayne Peters is going live with three brave Canadian Doctors who are willing to talk about the FEAR porn narrative and how it is connected to the $cience being promoted by a third generation eugenicist and his friends. They have each risked a lot to step forward for this occasion so let us give them an honest opportunity to share their scientific findings and hypothesis’.

If you want to join in a private zoom room, hosted by yours truly Laura JeH , streaming Freedom Forum Canada‘s Facebook page, where we will simply be watching the livestream together with the ability to have respectful discussion in the chat box of our private zoom room, then please use these login details at 9pm EST tonight (August 9):


Meeting ID: 922 8143 7352

Passcode: PEACE

I’ve got a lot more to share soon but for tonight I’ll just say please join this call with an open mind and willingness to hear what medical professionals are willing to risk everything to help you be(a)ware of.

Remember to tune in next week for round 2 of 3 in this series of Doctors Talks with Ethics Over Fear too.

If you have a question you’d like to submit you can email ethicsoverfear@gmail.com in advance of the show and Wayne Peters will either ask this panel of experts tonight or in the next instalment.

With love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. Set up statements are huge because the spoken word truly as powerful as any sword. Next time!

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