Thursday Is A Magickal Day! Join Us & Get Excited!!!

I hope this message finds you feeling fabulous and full of hope, faith and love in your heart, spirit and life!

Love is simply an experience you can only fully in-joy when we are pre-sent in the now moment.

In this Uni-verse of polarity where there is always said to be an equal and opposite counter-part to all things, it is time for us to start coming to understand how love and fear are two sides of the same coin therefore without 360 degree vision, we will only be able to see our side. And thus we must stop letting the fear win by uniting despite our differences.

And the easier way to break through those barriers of apparent differences is to back to the source of all things: energy.

Our energy is best likened to a well with energetic substance that is either being extracted from or added to. This is our self-care account and how we ensure we have enough energy left to contribute to others without dipping into our reserve funds, for it is when we start spending energy from that place of obligation that we run into trouble that often takes time to recover from.

We must ensure self-care becomes an essential component of our daily practice and today I’ve got some opportunities where you may discover some life hacks that you can apply to how to triumph through your day!

We live in a Uni-verse of energy, where thoughts are things and that which we put our attention on grows for both the good and otherwise, so we must be intentional about how and where we direct our energies.

I am excited to share that today I’ll be interviewing Michael Gross of The Wingman’s Path to Positivity at 1pm EST and I have to say that it’s a befitting time of new beginnings to discuss the power of our minds and thoughts and why we must govern our thoughts wisely or face expensive consequences.

We will go live to Facebook shortly thereafter and I’ll share it to Where Misfits Fit: Home for Soulfull Seekers so that you can join in the conversation and ask questions through the comment feed.

Then at 5:55pm ET we’ll be hosting yet another Empowering Leaders of Self Mastermind group (1.5hr) where we hold sacred space for our own organic unfoldment to take place with others aware of what’s happening and why self-care is more essential now than ever!


Meeting ID: 931 3913 3468

Passcode: PEACE

At 8pm ET we will then dig into the next two chapters (7&8) of The Human Aura by Kuthumi  in our weekly book study which is the first pillar in the teachings of the ascended masters. It would be awesome if you could join us and feel free to catch up on the first six chapters by listening to the replays posted to the meetup group event too.


Meeting ID: 980 3926 9821

Passcode: PEACE

My day even started in a beautiful which set the tone for a day full of wonder and I am grateful for that!

I am curious what you are grateful for and would love for you to bring your gratitude to these complimentary calls today because what I believe is that we need to regain access to the sacred and ways to employ the sacred without flipping things around to become scared.

Think about it: SCARED and SACRED are the same letters in the game of SCRABBLE but the points score might be different based on how the board is set up; having the option is handy. When it comes to our life experience, the option to notice the switch from our scared into our sacred side is more than just handy. It is vital for how we experience the world we are moving through as we create the world we came here to see grounded into reality by our actions, intentions and energy.

That’s enough for today, so as usual I’ll simply say,

Laura JeH – Namaste

Namago 😉

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