It’s Time For Us To Harmonize Hue-Manity on the Pier TODAY at 2pm!!!

*1st Peer Support on the Pier meetup at 2pm in Port Dover – TODAY, January 16, 2022 @ 2pm

For two years we’ve been told to limit our social bubble to minimize the chance of spreading a dis-ease or virus, somehow those terms seem to be used interchangeably, that is viral and man-made so it’s dangerous, but it’s never been isolated so we don’t officially know what we’re battling here all this time later; unless you’ve versed yourself on Agenda 2030 and Agenda 21 and the Rockefeller Report from 2010 and can see all the subtle ways their pre-scripted reality is taking form because we were supporting it before we knew we have a choice.

It is time for us to do something new to get something new, remembering that NOW is the New Orderly World we have a chance to herald in now whether we like it or not. We are the players on the field of life right now and sitting on the sidelines is not a wise option for a number of reasons.

Sitting on the sidelines of life means that you’re not playing fully and when it’s over you’ll have regrets because you’ll wonder if giving it your all would have changed things.

And the answer is yes, giving it your all absolutely does make the difference in whether we win or lose at this thing called life. But what is that?

What is life and what is the sign we’ve lived a life well loved?

“Broken Open” is a book by Elizabeth Lesser my Mom recommended I read when I first moved back from living in England in a relationship with a former mentor. I’d left the relationship and life I invested four years of my life into creating and was starting from scratch, so it felt, when the truth is I just hadn’t discovered the secret of loving life yet!

Feeling ‘broken open’ is a pretty normal and natural experience due to time spent in the sacred sojourn of the soul but we have to see how each upgrade or assignment in our lives takes us on a journey of transformation if we’re willing to do the inner work to grow into the man or woman needed to pull it off.

What I know about the video that I’m now sharing is that all of this was split between three videos I shot in the summer and I released on Remembrance Day. What I’ve done is combine all three into one so you can hear the sacred sojourn of the soul in its rightful place as the S in the SPECIAL Practice.

We’re going to be going deeper into the SPECIAL Practice together this month through a variety of workshops, calls and trainings which I’ll announce today at 2pm EST when we gather for the first “Peer Support on the Pier” lawfull assembly where we’ll gather to talk about alternative perspectives on the purpose of life in all its intricacies.

I’m excited for this afternoon because when we’re at our lowest the last thing we need is to be left alone with our inner bully, especially in a culture where subvert tactics are shared to give them ideas on the daily.

We have to be willing to save ourselves from negative emotional loops that take us out of the present moment.

To become the one we were waiting for we need to get ourselves out to meet ones willing to ask the questions that will help us find an answer we weren’t aware as in there.

You are invited to be a man or woman of any age alongside other men and women from the Norfolk area at 2pm today, January 16, by the Pier downtown at the end of the beach where we will be talking about the lighthouse symbolism of our meeting point for what it represents for us at this time in our story.

It’s going to be the first event of its kind but we are setting the stage for the mentorship program that will come from the foundation that is set during this recorded event.

It will become a monthly affair for us to claim our right to lawfully self-govern as: a woman in my private capacity with all rights reserved even when in public with other men and women who are also aware of the need to claim the right to remain lawfully self-governing. For this is part of what we will come together to discuss.

There is a lot of coercion taking place right now at all levels and men and women need to be held liable in their private capacity where we are all equal under the eyes (and i’s on the page) of the LAW.

Men and women acting as officers of the LAW, medical advisory teams, media and others in senior executive roles who are enforcing gross overreaches in authority (author-I-tie) with the mandates being imposed on all who submit can have an out.

The agendas (21, 2030, Rockefeller Report 2010) all lay out the EVIL agenda that is designed to get men and women living in reverse of their divine nature (captive audience vs free spirited).

See how EVIL and LIVE use the same letters with different emphasis?

This is what we must wake up to and move through together.

LAW’d (A LAW’d is one who knows how to employ universal laws wisely) knows I’ve got a lot of scorched Earth around me from choosing to do what I felt called to over the years, and if you got scorched in the process I do humbly apologize. Growth comes with growing pains and I certainly could have moved through awakening from the Ma-tricks more gracefully but I didn’t and so I pay for the choices I made with consequences. I am sorry to any and all I may have caused harm to and would welcome a private conversation to sort out any hard feelings. It is time for us to start moving our emotions without fear or ill intent.

It is time for us to stop seeing the DEVIL as a red character with a tail and pitchfork and an evil intent. It is time to see the DEVIL never LIVED which is what was most EVIL about hymn when perverted or corrupted. And that’s when I offer the groundbreaking epiphany to pay attention to from now on (ATTENTION: Putting your Reticular Activating System on Notice to beware):

What if GOD, the father of the Uni-verse, was a hymn instead of him?

What if Jesus was one I shy of “JE Suis” so that we idle-eyes (idolize) him instead of hymn or the Christed one within ourselves?

What if the Jesuit Belief Systems so much of this current reality is based on re-presents the suits we put on as if our identity changed because of the title or suit and so when we sign on be-half of a corpse (corporate entity) we are assuming liability by doing so?

What if we started to consider the karmic consequences for our choice to get ahead in this life at the expense of the light within or GOD spark incarnate within on this plan ET?

What if things were so blatantly obvious once we gained eyes to see the lies in what was previously oblivious and now is made obvious because we exposed the lies and corruption and replaced them with love?

What if we chose to write a loving story for ourselves to grow into?

What if we really were far more powerful than anyone would ever dare give us permission to be?

What if we could be the ones who harmonized hue-manity in common unity while “Joy Riding the Universe” as we’ve been reading from since Christmas Eve when I read “The Old Bored Gods”?

What if we dared to go all in? Dared to live fully?

To fully commit to being authentically ourselves!

Let’s do it together today at 2pm during the documentary filming of Peer Support on the Pier, a documentary about how we (the people) harmonized hue-manity when the Reopening Ontario Act threatened to bring about realities we will no longer invest our energy into. And so instead we are coming together to act out what we wish to create.

Can’t wait to see you at the Pier for some Peer Support today at 2pm EST in Port Dover, Ontario!!!

With love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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