The Kingdom Is Within: Diving Deep Into The Core Issue

LJEH Laura JE Hamilton Vignette Background 40This is the pre-Mental Health Act me in 2018 when I flew to Vegas to attend a conference for a cryptocurrency based MLM that I had joined 2.5 weeks beforehand.

From my decade plus involvement with the John Maxwell Team as a Founding Partner in the program I have learned the value of getting in the room with people who know more about the industry or world I wish to know more about than I do. So even though it was a complete leap of faith to go on this trip, it paid dividends because I decided not to give it more of my energy than the trip and a few months cost.

It was well worth it to find out quickly that company wasn’t one I was interested in giving my TEEAM to because it helped me get clearer about what I was not willing to sell my dream or TEEAM out for and in the world of prostitution that’s an important point to know.

As your brain flips gears, more chaotically for some than others, I want to encourage you to consider the fact you have four survival archetypes that serve as familiar patterns you fill with energy that can either be active in their SACRED or SCARED side. The archetype of the prostitute is not wise to have running your life when scared…

FEAR causes people to do non-sensical things because the False Emotion Appearing Real cuts them off from the present moment by focusing on the REALITY they wish they could experience if only they were willing to have FAITH and act on it.

What I know for sure is that we have a personal and collective responsibility to do better than we have been doing and it starts with understanding the real e-state being fought for right now is us!

Our mind, body, spirit, heart and soul are on the line right now and people are treating it half-heartedly as if there are more important considerations to make than our right and ability to lawfully self-govern ourselves in a world that is becoming increasingly authoritarian and enforcement focused.

What I know for sure is that if I’d stayed inside of the box of my comfort zone, for my own sake or for the sake of others, I would have never went on this trip, met the people I met from this experience or grew the way I did because of those interactions.

What I also know is that this trip was another test for the prostitute archetype within me to decide whether I would stand in my FEAR-FULL side or my FAITH-FULL one.

Caroline Myss actually calls the prostitute archetype the guardian of faith because it embodies and tests the power of faith and forces us to answer the question of how much we’re willing to sell ourselves for – our morals, integrity, intellect, word, body, or soul – for the sake of physical comfort.

Confronting the prostitute within transforms this archetype into your INNER guardian of Faith because it becomes an ally who puts you on alert every time you contemplate your faith from the Divine to the physical. In the book “Sacred Contracts” Myss says: “the prostitute appears when you begin to believe that you could order your life if you just had the money to control the world around you — and to buy just a bit of everyone in it.”

Prostitute interactions make us confront our fears of survival and can often be terrifying or humiliating.

I’ve had many opportunities for my INNER Prostitute to stand in her SCARED side and also in her SACRED aspect and I have to agree with Myss that “the Prostitute archetype can act as a guardian that awakens you to situations in which you must decide to “take up your bed and walk.” Once you get away from a circumstance that costs you too much – money, energy, dignity, or time – lasting transformation is possible” which is exactly what is now required on a collective and individual level.

In order to guide us through this INNER transformation I am launching a podcast themed around “The Kingdom Within” with special guests and sometimes just me.

It’s going to be Mondays at 8pm EST so I’ll look forward to going live on Zoom then!

With love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

You are welcome to join on meetup to get the zoom link – just click here or check out the first Kingdom Within SUMMIT Call from last week below.

To come on a full journey into the sacred side of your nature with others willing to do the same, you can sign up for any of the events that are posted to Meetup with the links or location.

A blog that links to each event (and link) in JANUARY can be accessed here.

A question for you to ponder as you step into this new year with great potential and possibility available to you:

What character will you consent to playing in the Con Video game drama?

Are you willing for seven generations worth of your heirs or lineage to deal with the consequences of your choice?

Will you be proud to report how you handled yourself during the Great Deception?

You will not only be judged by what you have done up till now.

You will be judged by what you choose to do NOW as we bring about the New Orderly World we’re here to herald in despite the chaos on behalf of the younge ones who are afraid of scared decision makers making decisions for them. As would I be if I were still under the care of guardians who are part of a death cult.

We are living through intense and insane times and our choices do matter.

Our choice to show up in the moment fully is a decision others will remember us for.

Our choice to speak our truth despite the pushback of alternative ideas will be remembered.

And our choice to choose love over FEAR will help us re-member who and whose we are and came here to be an individuated expression of while we’re alive.

So may we be FULLY ALIVE while we’re here so we can activate others to break the spell and bring our attention back to the moment we’re in.

I hope you have some PRESENT moments with you this moment!!!

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Hey Laura
Was great to meet you today on the Dover pier
Looking forward to talking with you about your experiences


Thank you Dave and apologies for missing this until now. I hope to connect again soon!

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