Joy Riding The Universe: Let The Journey Inward Begin

It’s the end of another (un)boxing day where we got to choose whether we would be consumers or creators.

Myself and a few PEACEFULL INNER Warriors united for the sake of higher level conversation to stretch and grow all in the room and those who are blessed by the replay.

I will be going over each recording to compile a short, audiobook narrated by yours truly (Laura JeH) in the end so you’ll be able to listen to the whole thing after I’ve finished reading it but in the mean time you can listen to one chapter per day as I read them live.

In this Unboxing Day SPECIAL we covered a lot of ground and I am proud to know those who got themselves in the room including Robin Benedict who shared her song submission for Album 22.2 called Freedom (her daughter’s namesake and our shared vision).

My good friend Neil Sperling also joined in, who serenaded us before Christmas in this performance.

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As per the Joy Riding the Universe experience of the New Year, we’ve got a head start on reading a few of the first chapters already so check them out and leave comments or questions on the videos so I can mention them each day I read the next chapter.

Chapter One from Christmas Eve 2021: Tipping Points Are Possible –

Chapter Two from Christmas 2021:

Chapter Three came after our PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Unboxing Day SPECIAL where we got to hear Robin Benedict’s song on Album 22.2 which will launch July 2022 – Boxing Day 2021:

To hear me read Chapter 3 and explain the inspiration behind my second tattoo just listen to this:

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I’d love to know why keep you coming back and showing your support on this journey through life (HUGE THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate you and hope you feel it in all the messages I do to uplift and inspire the best in you!) and influencers in the online realm! I’d love to know what you’re really looking for and what questions would be most useful to speak into.

I don’t promise to have the answer myself but I do know some pretty amazing people who will be able to share their perspective and insights with you if you’re willing to ask. I hope you will and send you post holly daze wishes for health, love and joy!

With love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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