Notices of Liability Call @ NOON – Now Is Our Chance To Be The One We Were Waiting For!!!

I feel like this post could have been written by me today from a grounded place.
That trip unravelled me.
Broke and humbled me as I discovered more unresolved and unintegrated aspects of myself in people prioritizing profits over people that I thought actually saw and cared for me.
But no, so often people only see what they can use of someone else’s and then once that’s gone so are they. It’s such a pity to throw someone out for a baseless currency, which is what our fiat paper money system is, but the reality is that a lot of people do it. Not doing so has also come with hidden costs but we live and learn so that we can grow and know better for next time.
I didn’t stay involved with the people I went on this trip to connect with because of the values difference professionally which impacted our personal connection as well.
I am grateful though for how it has prepared me for what we are now doing.
I am now part of a team of leaders who have stepped forward to do what is required at this tipping point and turning point time in Hue-manity’s story when we are called to take up our pens as the swords that set us free and claim our right to be ourselves authentically without that needing to diminish anyone else in the process.
That being said personal accountability is now fully required of us all and it is for that reason I am cohosting one of the most significant lawfully organized summits to date because this is where leaders who have created ‘Notices of Liability’ are coming together to unpack them with others willing to put all the tools on the table so we can figure out how to best assemble a notice of liability that will eliminate the excuse of plausible deniability about the crimes against hue-manity that we are currently experiencing.
We are about to put every individual within the world on notice of personal liability, responsibility and accountability, and we’re going to be looking for your help in sharing this message with at least five other men and/or women. Which is part of a significant upcoming opportunity we will discuss soon.
For today, we will gather at 12pm EST for a Notices of Liability Summit Call for Canadians – Roundtable which you can share with others using this link here.
To join the Zoom room with us live then please feel free to use this code and come prepared to share a focused experience as we draft the ultimate tool for us all to use in this mixed war between the private and public realms of our own lives.
If using the Zoom App simply use Meeting ID: 852 5512 7127

Passcode: PEACE

Looking forward to sharing this experience with you as we do what I thought I’d went to Vegas to do three years ago for a business opportunity that didn’t pan out because I encountered people prioritizing profits over people and I couldn’t join their bandwagon when I saw the level of posturing and positioning employed by people looking for people to build their business by building their own.
This life isn’t about getting a pay check to do someone else’s biddings. It’s about daring to bet on yourself and your dream whether it pays or not.
Can’t wait to connect with you and appreciate your willingness to be a light in this world!
With love,
Laura JeH – Namaste
PS. It’s clear that we need to create a sacred space for our youth to unfold organically in where they can gain access to universal secrets that will help them think higher of themselves so that they are willing to dare to dream the New Orderly World into being together. Our first meeting for parents and youth will now take place on Monday August 30 at 8pm EST so please share the opportunity!!

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