Relationships Are The Golden Current-Sea We Are Maneuvering Through: High Hopes For A Living


Last month I finished the blog series I was doing on “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron, went to Soulshine Festival and then went easy on the blogs because I’ve been integrating all the upgraded energies I was able to tune into, express and experience while on Festival grounds and then beyond them too.

I’ve been regrouping after some intense experiences and realizations that I believe were necessary, in their perfect time, and have also been starting a relationship I am excited about which is fun and delicious and makes my heart so happy.

I feel gushy and vulnerable to mention it so early on in the dynamic after having had the opposite most recently but what I know for sure is that having a strong man in my life who will stand by me while I do my ‘thang’ and share my alternative perspectives and visions for how we harmonize hue-manity at this tumultuous time in our collective story, while living a full, natural and expansive life with a man I love deeply and can support in fulfilling his dreams too is what I’ve always envisioned and desired for myself.

We’ve all experienced relationships where the give and take weren’t equal, whether that be because of capacity or misdirected willfulness, and maybe we left broken hearted that they couldn’t see our value or would have treated the relationship differently. But how could they fully see you when they were intentionally avoiding aspects of themselves?

The last dynamic I had taught me a lot about that and while the man I was unofficially involved with is great, being kept separate is not ok with me in the relationship I share the most of myself in and make the most space for. I want to be involved in my man’s life and have him involved in mine.

Why be fully committed to a part time casual job position when full time is what is desired?

I ask this because being in a situation where I never shared anything about an area of significance in my life felt like I was living a lie. It just didn’t seem congruent yet I have also learned the value of keeping certain things private too so as to not leak energy where the sacred container created in sacred union with a committed counterpart is more valuable to both when kept under wraps, at least for a time.

I wonder if you’ve ever felt the same or similarly about a dynamic you’ve been involved in?

What I know for sure is that I finally got tired of not feeling like a priority in the life of one I was prioritizing so the week before Soulshine I freed myself up to make space for a partner who wants to do life together and support one another as we walk through life united.

After a few visits back and forth I’m excited for more and am enjoying the early phases of a relationship with great potential!

And with all that being said I wouldn’t necessarily have been ready for this relationship without the clarity I got from the last one(s) because I had soul fragments to reclaim I may have previously sought in the partner I was coupling with when now that I’ve dared to retrieve them for myself, the longing for them no longer need draw a dysfunctional partner to complete that pattern in my life; the same may be true for you too if you’re resonating with my sentiments.

I’m doing my best to complete myself so I can complement my man and him complement me too without becoming codependent.

… I had no idea this was going to become my first relationship post in years but I guess it’s the way it’s meant to be as I fill you in on another exciting new development from last week: the implied offence against my person for speaking at a rally last year got stayed on September 21/22 and I received notice on the 3 year anniversary of the day I called the POLICE to report the system is corrupt and they’re in on it which led to me getting locked up under the Mental Health Act for 2.5 weeks in 2019 where I learned a lot about this world that I hadn’t realized before that experience.

Clearing my name of the implied charge from a summons I didn’t consent to pleading about, for speaking at a rally last April, has been an empowering journey that has taught me much and I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned shortly. But in the mean time I’m putting together an experience to go with it that will have you excited for the message you’ll receive the next day once you get into the series. If you want to see the video footage that was used to try laying the charge against my person it can be seen here, if you’re interested.

I’ll have another exciting update that I’m working on pulling together behind the scenes ready soon so make sure you’re subscribed to the email series on the home page and if you haven’t got a copy of my book yet well then please make that a priority so that you can get involved in the next SPECIAL Practice PILOT Program that will be launching nearer the holiday season. You can get a signed softcover shipped to you direct if you email with your address and personalized message requests or you can buy the ebook, audioprogram or softcover directly online through Amazon.

With the Christmas season fast approaching I’m putting together an experience that I intend to make FULLY COMMITTED: The Sacred Sojourn of NOW the most requested present/gift in 2022. I hope you’ll help me with that and say a huge “Thank you!” in advance!!!

You’ve gotta have high, high hopes for a living and learn to rift with all that life throws your way. Yesterday I recorded this while I drove and hope you enjoy it.

PEACE is part of the equation so listen to this chapter reading on the meaning behind PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United and let’s dig into that deeper together soon!

With love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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Hear you and sympathize, your emotion is real. You are not alone. We/us and others that walk this road will see and be affected by the same conditions. However, I would suggest that if the time we are living in could be seen as with a face like a clock it would be clear that we are living in a time like no other, and the past expectations of our fathers and their fathers can no longer apply. Your life as a woman or my life as a man can no longer be distinguished as before. To be a heterosexual with the healthy desires of the same will not and cannot be put ahead of the desire to discover the truth and put it forward. I have and do suffer as a single but eligible bachelor that was abandoned by my common law wife who remarried and had many children after our marriage and birth of our three children. My challenge has been to find a wife and a mother to my three. Twice as hard and double impossible. With God all things are possible, as it is written; only God can find a wife for a man. So, most emotion is based on expectation and the disappointment of this deficiency. Sometimes needs are meant to be created to full fill our deepest desires. Wants can become needs when the deficiency is more than we can honestly bear. The give and take thing can boil down to semantics and love will almost always prevail. The life that we live, like the seasons will be gone. But in a relation codependence is nonexistent if they/the couple become one. Keep not a record of wrongs and with forgiveness and patience and true love there will be a bond that makes all the world and its noise become harmony to the couple. May you find and keep what you want. I mentioned before that it begins and ends with what you want until you are actually found in the wrong. To look for a something, a maybe or a could be, will only cost time and energy. To say that you shall find what you seek will always define the most intricate details of what you want. Good luck sister. P.S. Define a man and what he is. It’s almost impossible. They don’t exist in the way media and the world portrays them. This is done to create disappointment in the real-life trial, The #ers can get wild with disappointment. P.S. again. I just watched the video and most of what I wrote will only waste your time. I am a dot.

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