Would you believe me if I said that 5 years ago when I wasn’t able to host my 30th Birthday Book Launch Party because the creative baby hadn’t marinated and matured for long enough yet to be ready for my best laid plan that it really ‘got to me’.

In “FULLY COMMITTED: The Sacred Sojourn of NOW” I talked about starting the writing process for the wrong reasons in Chapter 15 and will admit that not being able to have that party destroyed a part of my self-image as one who could usually pull it off and just couldn’t seem to round it out and into completion.

I couldn’t until I did and then suddenly I had a different story to tell that changed how I was presented to those listening to my tale.

The irony is that FULLY COMMITTED is all about transforming our self-image to fill ourselves with faith instead of FEAR, remembering that we do the best we can until we know better and can then do better with more information. And we also move through ACTIVE Choice Point theory, the Highrise of Emotional Awareness and the Hierarchy of Creation.

I share my story about losing my freedom in 2019 under the Mental Health Act and then how I was dealing with the summons my person was sent after I spoke in public before having claimed my right to remain in my private capacity even if I do appear in public on occasion.

My charge for the implied offence was stayed last month and after fighting for as long as I have to defend myself (without taking on the title or status od ‘Defendent’) I’m not done yet either just because they got tired of covering for lies against one willing to fight back.

I suspect that will become part of a lawful notices training program I’ll get going once I’ve made the claim and followed through with it but for now I’ll simply say that on October 10 I’m going to have a books by donation day for the first 100 readers who email your address, name and whether you’d like it to be signed before I ship it your way.

I am also open to participating in various vendor opportunities in a spiritual setting with presenting/workshop opportunities included! Connections to opportunities also greatly appreciated!

The point of all of this today is context for tomorrow which is the next moment that we are promised but never guaranteed.

So long as things go to plan I’ve got an exciting birthday celebrations week planned that I’m building out as quickly as I can with quality people you are going to be thrilled to get to connect with through this docu-series of PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United in our shared mission to be the change we seek in this world.

And then I’d also like to make up for the birthday book launch party that never happened by hosting a call via zoom where you can let me know you’d like to get a copy by donation of $30ish (you choose) and I’ll mail it out to you PLUS include you in the next SPECIAL Practice PILOT Program I’ll be launching in November – details coming soon.

We will also soon have a programming component to the transformation process to go hand in hand with preparing to make the most of your festival experience, and the list of possibilities just continues to expand from there.

Knowing how to stand as a man or woman on the common grounds of the common law is a big part of that which is why I’m going to get the Lawfully Organized Summits going again, as well as the PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Summit Calls.

I am doing my very best to make this the best decision you’ve made in a long time so stay tuned into what’s coming over the week beyond my birthday when we are going to break the spells that keep us mourning the loss/grief of being in a weakened state after a hard week.

It’s going to be epic and what I’ve learned is that sometimes we don’t even want the full meal in one setting. Sometimes we really want to hear it in bite sized chunks we can fully digest as we’re consuming it. And other times we just want to ride the rhythm and ‘to hell with’ the words, yet that is more literal than our innocent pun would suggest.



I will read some book medicine specifically for those tuning into the call and see what’s meant to come up in this celebration of life party.

Attendees will receive a copy of FULLY COMMITTED: The Sacred Sojourn of NOW and have a Q&A opportunity with the woman who transmitted knowledge to help people take their power back based on lived experience AKA Laura JeH.

A private gathering may take place at a specified time and place.

OCTOBER 12 would have been my Grandparents’ 70th Anniversary so I’m going to do a video about commitment and trust in relationship.

OCTOBER 15 is the anniversary of the day I got myself out of the Mood Disorders Program against the Doctor’s add-vice and personal guarantee that I would fail to self-regulate and when I did to go to the ER; too much sleep would make me depressed, too little sleep would make me manic, which can be true when unawares of what’s causing what but becomes easier to face when we comprehend it.

I’m going to do some kind of empowering message with details about the Christ-Mass Campaign you’re going to have a chance to participate in without that being any disrespect intended toward the man called Jesus or any of his kin who came to deliver a different kind of message as I feel I am here to do too.

These ideas have come to me fast and furiously and I’m grateful to say the least.

More information to come soon with hope you’ll be able to tune in to the story behind the story and get excited about the potentials we all have access to at this exciting time in our shared story.

Until then, with love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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