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The Day Four: Smell Of Ceremony On This Super Blue Blood Moon!


The smell of burnt sage gets me excited because it reminds me of the sacred ceremony that often comes with it.

I was introduced to sacred ceremony as a teenager by my Dad and the Reiki Master he introduced me to when I was 16 and seeking guidance. She has remained a guidepost for me throughout my life and I am grateful for how she has pointed me in the direction of spiritual tools I needed to access in order to remember those aspects of myself.

The smell of Paulo Santo has a similar effect on me now that I discovered it and it also takes me back to the crystal shop in Sedona where I bought my first package.

What the shopkeeper told me is that while sage is great for clearing, palo santo is great for clearing AND replacing the void with something we intend for, and if you can get something 2 for 1 then why wouldn’t you?

Tonight, with the weather, I’m staying at a friend’s house in town and with it being the Super Blue Blood Moon tonight, potentially the only one any of us will see in this lifetime, he invited a couple friends over for popcorn, music and moon gazing. What was so fascinating, and yet no longer surprising, is that when they arrived my friend immediately got out some palo santo to set the stage and clear the space for a fresh start with the new moon.

It couldn’t have been anymore synchronistic if we’d planned it.

The delicious smell reminds me of my adventure to Sedona where I first was introduced to it, and how it ties into the natural rhythms of life’s endings and beginnings.

Back to the party now, I’ve honoured my commitment to myself and you with this 21 day challenge and am going to get back to our company!

Much love,
Laura JE Hamilton

PS. Today’s topic was “tell a story about a smell that means something to you (from your past or present)” and this is the one that sprung out for me. What would you have picked?

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