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Day Five: Delays Can Be Blessings In Disguise


When was the last time you lost out simply because you pulled back when you were meant to be launching forward?

My most recent example is with my business last fall. I had been working toward a launch and felt getting myself published was my best next step but in the end you can’t rush a baby’s development without causing problems and my inability to move things forward at my speed alarmed and upset me, and made my footing falter.

The fear of doing it all on my own hit me like a ton of bricks and I realized I was building something without clarity and needed to connect the lessons back to the stories I learned them through.

That’s the Hero’s journey I’m on and so are you.

I was introduced to the Hero’s Journey framework in my 3rd year Children’s Literature class at McMaster University, and then again while working with the fastest growing leadership training and development program in the world (of which I am a Founding Member), and then again when I realized it was time to write my book.

I knew the Hero’s Journey was an archetypal framework but I didn’t know then how transformative learning to consciously participate in the journey would be for me and anyone else who commits to the Quest.

I had to go through a full cycle of adventure in order to become the Hero I had previously hoped would save me and so do you.

On the last day of the first month of 2018 let’s use the energy of January 31’s Super Blue Blood Moon to leave the regrets of the past in the past so that we are free to focus on what we need to do now to get where we want to go.

The topic of today’s installment of 21 Days To Journey Through The Soul-F.U.L.L Warrior’s Quest was to “write about a time you screwed something up because you weren’t bold enough to risk getting hurt.”

The example I used was partly motivated by the fear of getting hurt and partly driven by lack of clarity, which was really what scared me the most. No matter how hard I tried to focus on it I couldn’t figure out what my message ultimately was and if you can’t clearly articulate what you have to say, your insights will fall on deaf ears.

Going through the Hero’s Journey and gifting myself the opportunity to retreat to safety without fully abandoning my dreams was exactly what I needed in order to become stronger and more capable of transcending the highrise of awareness, so I can help others do the same.

At the time I started pulling back, I remember saying to myself “you’re three feet from gold and you’re pulling back now, Laura!?” I was incredulous as to what I was doing but here is what I learned.

When you stop receiving clues about your next steps, stop moving so the clues can catch up with you.

Pulling back and doing something ‘normal’ for a while was exactly what I needed to figure out what I’m doing in my own ‘different’ business which is where I intend to make my greatest impact. Maybe the same is true for you, or maybe it’s the opposite, but whatever your ‘different’ lifestyle is know that others won’t be able to appreciate it in the same way you do.

If you’ve been struggling to gain clarity and you’re frustrated by how long it’s taking you, rest assured the pause is pregnant with potential so long as you don’t abort it with self-doubt.

Be gentle with yourself as you move with the ebbs and flows of the times, and know that powerful shifts are taking place on an energetic level all around us and within us right now.

We are becoming crystalline beings that operate at a higher level so we must stop doing things that are going to bring us back to our former level of density.

It is time for us to let the past lie where it died so you can live in the present moment of creation.

In the end my ‘screw up’ was actually a blessing in disguise because I was able to pull myself back before I got too far down the spiral of negative emotion to get myself back out. What I know for sure is that you can get yourself out of it too if you’re there, it’s just about making doing your best in the moment your most important job.

I hope this shift in perception about a ‘screw up’ can help you be gentle with yourself while going through your own changing states of awareness and emotional experience.

Much love,

Laura JE Hamilton


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