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We Are (Conscious) Co-Creators Of Our Lives: APRIL SCHEDULE

Ever have that dawning realization that you can literally make pretty much anything happen if you set your mind to it?

With power comes great responsibility and we must never take that realization too lightly for the consequences are huge for those who put their hope and faith in us.

As I prepare for the second SUMMIT call with Dan the Christian Man “Breaking Down the Alpha-Bet” I feel that way in a way because I see the value he has to offer and so I made him an offer to come on my show. And it’s blowing people’s minds!

If you missed the first episode then be sure to check it out here!

*Added later: To see the two parts of PART TWO click here: LIVE STREAMED REPLAY + BONUS Call Breaking Down the Alphabet

It has also inspired me to create a schedule for the month ahead which can all be accessed on Meetup under the PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United group; you are well-come to join us live at any or all of these events:

Thursday March 31 @ 4pm EST – Breaking Down the Alpha-Bet PART TWO with Dan the Christian Man, Laura JeH & Friends

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Tuesday April 5 at 9pm Demystifying The Alpha-Bet with Ethan Lucas, Dan the Christian Man, Laura JeH & Friends

Friday April 8 at 2pm is our next Mind Control Programming and Propaganda SUMMIT SERIES: Mental Health AX & Falling Forests

Thursday April 14 at 2pm is our Who was Jesus & the Tribe of DAN Testimonials SUMMIT

Saturday April 16 @ 2pm is an in person assembly in Simcoe for our second monthly Breaking Down Bullying & Building Community meetup for teens and their family.

Sunday April 17 @ 2pm we’ll be standing at the base of the pier in Port Dover for the fourth Peer Support on the Pier meetup where we can talk about how we can individually add value to the community we all live and love in.

Friday April 22 @ 12pm we’ve got the next Album 22.2 Monthly Meeting with Mad Hatter Music and PEACEFULL INNER Warriors U

+ (22) @ 2pm we’ll have the next Mind Control Programming & Propaganda SUMMIT

Sunday April 24 @ 7:30-9pm we’ve got our “Read All About It” AUDITION/REHEARSAL with Eric Vasquez & Laura JeH

and of course Katia Palmeri and I go live around 8pm EST every Monday for the Kingdom Within Podcast that offers support on your awakening journey!

All the zoom details are available on meetup under the PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United group you’re invited to join too!

If you haven’t already signed up for my email series using the sign up box (make sure to confirm your email address) then make sure you do so that you don’t miss the updates and personalized messages sent directly to subscribers. I’ve got some exciting updates coming!

Wishing you an infusion of love in your day so that you can see yourself and your energetic investments as the ripple effect of positive change you are in this world! And in case you aren’t sure, it’s huge!

Let’s get into it more at 4!

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. It’s the final day of March which means we’re nearly 1/4 of the way through 2022 so I’m curious – how could you make the rest of this year better than the first quarter has been? Remember that 1% improvements daily lead to major changes over time!

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