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Listening to Me Three Years Ago: Pre-Trauma/Significant Emotional Event

In March 2019 I had not yet went on a three week sacred sojourn of the soul with a girl who claimed to be a soul doula who could help me rebirth myself naturally and indirectly did by not fulfilling her part of the agreement we had and the resulting shame I felt because of it. In the months before this I had participated in 8 DMT ceremonies with a shaman and even went through my own rebirthing process shortly before her and I met and decided to go on an adventure that changed us both.

The way things were left I wound up leaving the dynamic feeling used and abused which led to shame, blame and guilt for having been duped when I’d been warned what happened was going to happen by those waiting for me when I got back.

I was desperate for a break through given I’d been writing “the book” for two years already by that point and I was desperate to make something happen.

Notice the energy of desperation present in my presentation of my emotional state at the time?

Maybe you can tell or maybe you can’t but the version of me that I was back when I recorded this video was really struggling with the judgements I perceived others made about me and the way I’ve lived my life, including the fact that I haven’t held down a job consistently for any sustained period of time because I’ve been so focused on writing the book that rewrote me in the process of writing it and being around for my grandparents has always been a bigger priority to me than building a career outside of what I’ve been doing online for years.

I’ve also been super distracted and unmethodical in the way that I have been creating because I’ve been letting what I don’t want draw my attention toward it and now I see how much of a liability that is to me; until I knew how to correct my standing and make it clear that i am a woman in my private capacity at all time with all rights reserved who does not consent to being a surety for my person, which is any type of trust or incorporation of the individual into a larger corporeal body, among other definitions that you wouldn’t expect.

We have to go back to our primary school indoctrination programming around what a noun is: a person, place or thing.

But also consider the fact that if someone called you a thing they’d need to explain their offensive comment, right?

For context, as Katia has been reminding me of the importance of during our Monday night Kingdom Within podcast at 8pm, that would mean that you could technically be called a thing and find that reasonable by definition because our syntax has accepted it as rational, but have you ever looked at the word rational as ration-of-lies or ration-all (both of which are in effect now)?

It’s time for us to start building community in common unity where we piece together the pieces of the puzzle using our stories that we come to hear because we dare to get ourselves in the room and connect with one another, finding common ground that we can connect on.

It’s time for us to get back to the basics and think about who we were before we came into new levels of awareness and acceptance of ourselves which are not directly connected but are definite allies, except without the war (so that’s not the appropriate reference despite how we would think it so because of the admiralty/maritime LAW principles we’ve been trained within the confines of since we were all incorporated without first understanding our birthright as children of the supreme source of creation).

Before we came to realize that man is man-in-festation in the lens of the corporate body that cares not for the pawns sent to the frontlines to fight another man’s war against other men and women of another country who have also done nothing wrong except swear allegiance to a corrupted ruler who would use all available resources without regard for the ones coming up next.

That is why the Hopi tradition predicted that if this pirate ship is to be overtaken and cleaned up it will be with the will of man of the West which is what we West-urne women are. It’s just too bad that so many of us have been poisoned and corrupted mentally just like the environment we’ve been living and growing in, which is the whole purpose of this multidimensional simulation that we call life.

We’re in the midst of a war between evil and life and we’ve got to do our part to make sure life lives on!

It is the journey through life that defines the legacy of the man or woman who lived and so it is time for us to recognize the interconnectedness of this web we weave in life called our life as the one we are here to be the best version of ourselves possible.

************* Wow, I just took a 30 minute meditation break guided by Jane O’Leary from the Sovereign Souls of Éire group I’m in on Telegram which offers members a free guided meditation and lots of inspiring memes and pictures. So now this post is going out closer to the meeting my cohost (Katia) and I will have tonight for the Kingdom Within Podcast you’re invited to!

I’m re-listening to my friend and fellow guide inward, Neil Sperling’s,  latest video which he was working on when I showed up at his house yesterday for a visit. He hadn’t finished editing the footage he’d recorded earlier in the day so the beginning of our visit consisted of him finishing that while I wrote some inspired writing as I listened to it (it was magick!) and then I got a preview of it as part of his final review before posting. While listening, I wrote a story I’m excited to share with you another day too!

In the mean time I’m going to give you time to check out Neil’s video before our 8pm EST – INNER Kingdom Podcast where Neil may make a guest appearance.

Comment along as we go via facebook where you can watch the stream, or jump on the zoom with us live so you can share your opinion too! And as Neil is saying in his video right now, when we hide our magnificence we deprive the world of what we came here for.

Looking forward to what’s coming!

With love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. I recorded and posted a few videos while I was with Neil and it was a lot of fun! We also played some music together and I sang a message of truth so far as I see it that I’d love for you to check out, comment on, share and give a thumbs up to because back in the days of the gladiators a thumbs up was literally a matter of life or death. What one of my DMT ceremonies helped me see is that we are the man on the timeline of our lives with countless options as to what we will do with ourselves and our cells. And just like the Gladiator dependent on approval from the crowd, we’ve been living like that while expecting a zombie apocalypse… let’s just get back to the fact that we are the modern day Gladiators here to master ourselves!

PPS. Tomorrow (Tuesday March 29) at 2pm EST I’ll be hosting a Summit where Dan the Christian Man is going to be “Breaking Down the Alpha-Bet” in relation to the legal fiction and the ultimate deception that so many have fallen prey to by praying to entities (corporate entities=corpse we give our energy to) we have been trained to empower with our power and then feel weak in relation to. Ethan Lucas will also be attending to offer an uncommon eye for how it ties to the BIBLE, and several other switched on friends too. It’s going to be epic if my intuition tells me correctly!

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