33 Days To Dream A New Dream: First Day – Blaze Brightly Beautiful Soul!

How exciting! Yesterday I finished the 66 Days To Transform Your Self-Image series that truly did that for me. What about you? Feeling any different from when you tuned in till now?? I’d love to know!

It forced me into daily action that pushed what I would have thought was possible before. I just didn’t have much time for thinking and so I just went with what my heart said felt good and let good enough be enough. I had no time to doubt myself when the next day’s message was expected and that day’s was required to get there.

The biggest 18 inch gap is between the head and the heart, almost as if it were the fall from Eden where we became irresponsible owners of a garden we didn’t feel we belong in anymore; and yet we are still the keepers of that Energy-den that is us.

So now it is time for us to begin a practical gardiner’s guide to sowing seeds of prosperity within our own cell-F, intentionally choosing to fill our cells with Faith instead of Fear. For where love, faith, hope, gratitude and joy exist, fear cannot be there too for light shines on the shadows, casting them out.

I believe that is what we are being called to do now for ourselves as the conscious co-creators of the Realistic Evidence Appearing Legit In Tomorrow’s Yesterday (R.E.A.L.I.T.Y.) that we are being called to bring into existence now through the thoughts we are willing to give our energy to. And while I can tell you many of the ‘conspiracy theories’ that shatter our sense of trust and make us question that which is truly good, I do also believe that it’s important to talk about what is really happening so I will share that perspective tomorrow.

For today I’m going to suggest you check out the latest podcast episode I published with Jacquie Phoenix on the opportunity and call we are now hearing to take a stand and lawfully dissent from a treasonous regime imposing measures that will not get easier when the virus goes away because it isn’t going to. Read the Rockefeller Report from 2010 and you’ll better understand what I mean.

Unless we step up now, it will become like HIV and other autoimmune disorders that we coexist with and spread if we are not care-full. It has already become something like that and the HARE Virus on MS Dos in the 90s acted similarly – will share more on that rabbit hole another day 😉

I have discovered many overlapping storylines that take too long to explain to people individually so I’m going to share some of the puzzle pieces I have discovered in a year end summary message tomorrow.

Then I believe it’s vital that we shift our focus away from what a small number of people and shadow government officials are trying to do to huEmanity and instead redirect our attention onto what we are willing to bring into fruition through our effort.

Time, Energy, Effort, Attention, & Money are the T.E.E.A.M. players we are constantly deploying to either support or subdue ourselves.

What I learned from the 66 Day series is that it required a lot of energy to not only write the daily messages, but also tie in all the other things I’ve been doing on top of it while still wanting to make the story one about transformation rather than what I was working on each day. The irony is that I didn’t see how they were one in the same until nearer the end of the series when I looked at who I was when I started the series and had failed to complete it several times before compared to who I am now.

To say my public declaration all those weeks ago was intimidating would be in understatement, but how much of that inner pensiveness you could feel is another story.

And that’s the thing.

We each came here to write our own story. And we are the only ones who can choose whether it will be a hero’s tale that gets told or whether it will be the victim who feels wrong-done by at the end of our lives.

In the next 32 days (Day 1 Now Complete!) I’ll be helping P.E.A.C.E.F.U.L.L. I.N.N.E.R. Warriors create and commit to a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Practice that serves us in taking a stand for truth over convenience. And you who are willing to do the spiritual work to stay strong enough to withstand the adversity that crosses our path as we turn around and return to the great central sun as the (Ascended) Masters we came here to become are invited!

Michael Seegers shares more about Why a Spiritual Path May Seem More Challenging in an episode of The Michael & Laura Show I’d encourage you to check out as you decide whether you want to come with me on this journey back to the heart of who and whose you truly are. Or what better option awaits you…

You choose but know I hope you’ll choose to walk this path with me as a fellow P.E.A.C.E.F.U.L.L. I.N.N.E.R. Warrior United as one people, as it always was.

Best wishes,

Laura JEH – Namaste

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