A New Year’s Analogy & Doing The Inner Work

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Another year has come and gone and we have a shared opportunity to recreate ourselves on all levels.

It is time to release ourselves from the expectations that have kept us stuck in a story we don’t enjoy so we can realize there is so much more at play than what meets the physical eye.

As we step into a new year and expand our awareness to encompass the symbolic, mythic and energetic worlds behind the curtain of the literal world we live in, we will gain new perspectives of possibility that will forever change how we view all that is. It will change the path we forge for ourselves as we take the blinders off and discover a path more suitable for us, and in the process will expand our ability to contribute to the world that we all share.

2018 gradually unravelled my perspective of life and what I want. It helped me to discover where I had taken on other people’s stories and worn them as a mask I misinterpreted as my own skin for many years. Getting back to my Soul Realignment work and going through the transmutation process again for myself has been invaluable in my unravelling because what I found is that much of what I had to remove wasn’t mine in the first place.

As we transition into a new year, bringing all the lessons we have learned along the way with us, it is time to realize we don’t have to bring all the baggage with us. This timeless message poignantly describes the opportunity we have in front of us now:

“It is like we are at Central Station waiting for the train to take us to the new world.

We ‘think’ we are fully prepared, for we have very carefully packed everything we use on a daily basis. Our arms are full of bags, packages, suitcases – everything we may need for this long journey. As we arrive at the station, there is a buzz in the air, everyone is brimming with excitement. Before we approach the platform, we run into a few check points along the way.

The Baggage Handler asks what is in the suitcase. You calmly respond, “Those are all my fears I’ve collected along my way. I have packed them very carefully for I never know which ones I may need on any given day.” He responds, “There is no room for such baggage where you are going, you must leave it behind.”

Next you run into a Security Official who upon seeing your full load asks you what is in the wrapped package. You respond, “Those are my doubts. I never leave home without them for they keep me from reaching my fullest potential.” He responds, “There is no use for those on this ride” and removes your package for you.

Next you are stopped by the Train Conductor who asks what is in the remaining bags. “Those are the rest of my limiting beliefs. This bag is past restrictions, the brown bag is present inhibitors, and the black bag is future distractions.” The Conductor strips away these bags and when you approach the platform you do so feeling a little vulnerable, bare and exposed for you have never traveled without your comforts before.

A part of you doesn’t know how to show up in such a new space, but as you step into the train you feel the most incredible sense of freedom you have ever encountered.”  (Susan Mann of www.headtoheal.ca)

The teachers we learn from along the way can help us discern the complexity of input we are inundated with on the daily, but they can only take us as far as they have went themselves.

Congruence is essential and discernment is key as we step into a world that is eager to embrace all of who we are, rather than just those parts we think will make us ‘enough’.

As we step into this new year, realize that it is about unpacking more than it is about adding to.

Understanding who you are at Soul level will serve you immeasurably as you create a life aligned to the fullness of who you are. I can help with that by reading your Soul’s energetic makeup and finding the blocks and restrictions that are keeping you stuck in patterns that are no longer serving you, becoming like the baggage handler, security official and train conductor along your journey.

Having a guide will help you discover the nooks of your unconscious that you wouldn’t think to venture into on your own, or may be afraid of, and provides a safe container for your unravelling that would hurt far more on your own. 

As a Practitioner of this Soulfull work I have worked with many guides along my journey and I have also been doing the inner work for years, recommitting to myself and my spiritual practice more fully in the recent past when this unravelling destroyed the vision I was pushing to create that wasn’t really mine. Having a guide during this process helps and I would love to be yours in the coming year by starting with a reading.

I wish you the most incredible year ahead yet, with gains in awareness and growth that will see you arrive at this time next year feeling lighter too. It won’t be easy, but it will feel better knowing you have unconditional support along the way.

Much love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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