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Day 31: Setting Ourselves Up For Success (PLUS Summit TOMORROW!)

I loved waking up to an email, from me, in my inbox yesterday.

It was like the pressure of waking up to write that day’s email was lifted and the entire day was left open to write the next day’s blog for the 66 Days to Transform Your Self-Image series I’ve been sending ‘my people’. If you’d like to be on that list be sure to leave your details in the signup box on and remember to confirm the email!

Today I was back in the pattern I’ve habitually been in, waking up to finish the blog I started too late in the evening to finish  due to competing distractions.

With Thursday’s INNER Child PEACE Summit happening tomorrow (November 19 from 4-6pm EST) I’m preparing for what I hope this event will be for people, while also working on the final edits of an interview Michael Seegers and I did on “The ABCs of Spirituality: Addiction, Belief & Chemistry.” It’s really good; very transparent and real, if I don’t say so myself!

I posted one snippet that came from it as a 20min teaser, of the point where I noticed an unspoken disconnect had occurred, simply because I read energy even if I don’t necessarily understand what it means at the time. We talk about that in the video and then go to some interesting points and perspectives so check it out here before the full one is up and ready for you, as a way to get your teeth wet*.

*What does that expression even mean I wonder, realizing that is yet another origins diversion that pulls us down another rabbit hole of information gathering and piecing our discoveries into the inner search engine of the subconscious. Will look into it and share my findings in another post connected to the power of the spoken word.*

For today all I want to say is that the feeling of ease I had yesterday because I wrote the message ahead of time and scheduled it to be posted at the beginning of the next day was delicious. It really reminded me of the gift I give myself when I fulfill my commitments earlier than required so they’re ready when it’s time.

I’d encourage you to ask yourself if you can relate to that and what you do to make your life easier for yourself and more enjoyable like I did yesterday. Finding patterns of the ways we authentically make life easier for ourselves gives us easier tracks back to that helpful response in future.

This is why we call habitual response patterns habits, like a nun’s garb, where we re-act the way we did in the past in the present moment, time and time again.

Which calls for the reminder that in SCRABBLE, REACTIVE and CREATIVE are the same letters in a different order.

I’ll also honestly say that I’ve enjoyed writing this message to you this morning too so in the end Day 31 is a win-win and the segway point for a new approach to the remaining days of the 66 Days To Transform Your Self-Image series.

I’ll explain it all in tomorrow’s message and will get the ABCs video up as soon as possible.

There’s lots for you here already, and lots you’ve already got going on in your world! Life is already F.U.L.L. it’s just a matter of what we fill it with. Tell me what’s happening in your world by commenting below or sending a message to me personally at

Can’t wait to hear from you and to share what I’m starting as of tomorrow’s message at the midway point of the series <3!

Exciting times ahead my friends, exciting times indeed!

Much love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. Did you know that the body registers excitement and fear the same way, triggering our fight, flight, freeze or fawn mode of response? Crazy town! Exciting times are ahead of us indeed which is why we’re making the INNER Child PEACE Summit COMPLIMENTARY WITH NOTHING TO SELL BUT IDEAS; we’re removing barriers so money is not an issue in the spiritual preparation we’re called to do now before yogurt really hits the fan next month! 

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