Day 62: Lessons Of Love, Traps & Differing Perspectives

It’s Christmas eve and the retake Michael Seegers and I did tonight of “The Tube of Light” episode is being coverted as I write. I intend to get it up tomorrow as our gift to the world.

During the course of this series I’ve been more productive than ever before and it’s connected to the old adage ‘if you want something done give it to a busy person’ and I believe it’s because busy people are juggling so many balls they have to stay in flow. Which is an art form that can only be mastered through practice.

Love is similar in that you can’t plan for it and it can challenge us, especially when each party has a different perspective of something, and yet the mastery of it reverts to the unconditional nature of love that we have all come to Planet Earth to learn.

My Papa teaches me a lot about love, just because of who he is to me and how he has supported me even when he didn’t understand me and everyone else wanted to throw me out to fend for myself so they could righteously prove the errors of my way of thinking, namely when I called myself into the police last September to report a corrupt system I didn’t know who else to call about it. Wouldn’t do that again but am grateful it all played out how it did, when it did, because I saw who was true in their love for me. And when everyone else wanted me out, Papa put his foot down knowing that I needed a stable place to land and his home, with him, was where I needed to be.

He knew he needed me too and as we face these polarizing times together, with differing beliefs, we currently agree to disagree about the legitimacy of mainstream fear-mongering narratives and the insanity of what is unfolding on the world stage, among other things.

Cognitive dissonance is a powerful tool being used by the best play writers of this ultimate psy-op and I understand he is torn by his life long commitment to ‘the ways things are and always have been’ compared to my alternative belief that we are the souls who came here to change it. I also understand that his attachment to the old world that is now dying out means a new (and more humane) way of life is direct competition that his E.G.O. doesn’t want to face the discomfort of adapting to.

The E.G.O. Edges God Out and for one who cannot separate God from religion, it says a lot about his character for him to have stood by me despite how devoted I have become to my spiritual path and how uncomfortable it all must make him.

Earlier in the week, a possum got caught in the live trap he’d set on the porch and when I let Julius out just after 6am I found him and knew that he would be a goner if I didn’t do something. This has happened many times during my life and I’ve always felt helpless to save the poor creature that climbed inside for the tempting treat placed strategically at the end, like I see so many people doing now in a different way with this Plandemic, but that’s a tale for another day.

I’m sure while I was growing up I read a story of a girl who used to set off the traps her family had set for the sake of saving the animals she loved so much and it got her in a lot of trouble. I never wanted to disrespect my family’s wishes the way that girl had and so for years I’ve just begrudgingly walked past the trapped animals I knew would soon meet their maker, and yet now I just can’t see the point in letting something healthy be killed for the sake of keeping the peace, and not having our garbage cans overturned in the garage, and so I took a chance.

I grabbed a hammer from nearby and pushed against the end of the trap without success. I fiddled with the latch only to find it no longer did anything. And then I found the sweet spot. I turned the cage on its side and pried the trap door open but the possum just looked at me in terror as it clung to the cage floor terrified I would hurt it.

The reason I had found him so early was because I needed to leave home by 6:33am and this interruption had put me behind but I was willing to put less effort into my appearance that morning in the hopes it might save a life.

I propped the door open and tried to tilt the cage so it would fall out but it was more afraid of me than what the cage represented so I left the cage door open and went inside to get ready. We were both running out of time.

Ten minutes later I was ready for work and hopeful it had ran to freedom, but there it was sat facing freedom with no will to run for it. I grabbed a thin stick to try to push it out but instead it turned its back to freedom and hissed at me in anger. Maybe if I’d just left it after the first attempt it would have felt safer to leave after my car drove out of the garage but it reminded me of when my puppy was killed because he’d got out without a collar and when I outpaced two cars to reach him, I’d sternly shouted ‘Wilson James! Come here now!’ which jolted him out of his present joy and he’d darted back toward where he’d come from, straight in front of the car that killed him. But in both cases I was only doing the best I knew to do in that moment.

After work that day I asked if there had been anything in the cage and Papa said the biggest possum my Dad had ever seen was in there and I didn’t ask anymore questions. At least I had tried and gave the possum a chance it wouldn’t have had otherwise.

The next night when I went into the garage to throw out scraps and found the trap set again, I used the same hammer to set it off before anything else got trapped unnecessarily. And then I went inside to tell on myself.

I will not lie because I stand for truth, even when it’s inconvenient. And from my perspective, there is no reason for us to trap anything unless we need the meat to live.

Papa is old school and called me ‘tender hearted’. He’s not wrong but I no longer see that as an insult. I see strength in my compassion, even though others don’t necessarily agree.

He said he would continue to set the trap and I told him I would continue to unset it. And so we agreed to disagree and the trap has been left alone for now.

On a collective level, the trap is very much still active and like the possum we are being trained to fear each other instead of the cage that we are in the grips of. Ours is harder to see than a metal cage because this war is fought with words and fear, and yet I will continue to do my best to help those who are willing to help themselves by offering tools like the ones Michael and I have been putting together based on the teachings of the Ascended Masters.

In the new year I will revisit the messages I’ve been working so diligently to get up while also writing this series most days, and I look forward to being able to reflect on all that came from the process. But for the final days of this 66 Days To Transform Your Self-Image series I’m just grateful to have completed another day successfully and hope that you too have given yourself a goal you can be proud of yourself for meeting this day too.

Christ-mass blessings wished your way,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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