Our BS Defines Us: Who Are We & Why Are We Here?


“A man’s beliefs are how he makes sense of his life” said a character in OUTLANDER which I’m watching the night before Monday night’s Community Social from 4-7pm that will be hosted at Vivian’s Country Cookin in Courtland and Tuesday night’s group screening of Sound of Freedom in Tillsonburg for the 7:05pm showing. Broadway Cinema have been so kind as to allow us time to speak as a group after the screening ends until 10pm so feel welcome to come for that if you feel called!

It’s time for us to come together and realize that we are the players on the field.

We are the players on the field of consciousness that are here to experience ourselves as the individuated expressions of the Grand Overall Designer and we’ve got to create a pattern for the sacred martyr to replace the scared expression of it.

I had a realization a few weeks ago that the sacred expression of the martyr archetype has remained elusive and unfamiliar until now because the martyr has always had to die for ‘the cause’ or fear the loss of something, our beliefs of which are included in that as prized possessions of the ego.

The real estate being fought for in this thought war is mind, body, spirit, soul and heart and the MSM and SMS are used just like in the Matrix which Andrew Tate spoke into in is interview with Tucker Carlson I screened a segment of earlier.
The battle between dark and light forces are reflections of vibrational densities and the way energy moves between things in our reality.
Watching OUTLANDER’s third and fourth episode while writing this message means the episodes are playing in the background while I write and pull inspiration from the show as I go. It’s great and I enjoy it far more than just watching another movie without taking notes, when I have the energy for it.
Taking notes is such an important and significant part of life that if you haven’t already started a journal (or grimoire) of your own yet then I’d like to suggest that now would be an ideal time to do so.
I only discovered that term (grimoire) yesterday from a tarot reading reference to the ‘Book of Shadows’ that led me on a search for it which let me to that. I find that natural progression fascinating and yet it’s really the way life works.
“Je suis pret” is the tribe the same character from above (Jamie Fraser) said was his clan and the leading lady asked a poignant question: Ready for what?
What it seems we are facing are the consequences of our own choices and walking backward through our karma and the scorched earth it has created as a result of past choices isn’t comfortable. But how can we expect to feel comfortable throughout an uncomfortable process?
We have all damaged relationships with others throughout this insanity if there wasn’t already water under the bridge before that. Which can make it harder to come together with those we once invested in who broke trust with us in the process than it is to give new people a chance to establish trust that hasn’t been tainted.
Even still we must be ready for the melting of icy heart walls that we’ve used to feel safe within ourselves in a way that has limited our ability to connect with and relate to others and when anyone has tried to cross that bridge previously you have shut them down immediately because that’s literally what your nervous system did when the alert of a threat came to your awareness.
The threat, to your INNER SYSTEM, is always change in one way or another.
The nervous system and subconscious mind like things the way they are and are willing to fight for maintained reign of the existing Belief Systems (BS) within your INNER realm.
What we must be ready for is the change of heart that compels us to actually live for something instead of feel obligated to ‘die for the cause or else’ like so many Kamakazi pilots or religious terrorists have done in the name of their religion.
Religion and reign are closely related in spelling because they cast a similar spell.
Belief Systems are the closely related thoughts that make up the image we have of ourselves, the world and the people in it. Some, like Bob Proctor and his business partner Paul Martinelli, would call these paradigms while others would refer to them as gestalts, while others still would call them archetypal patterns of accrued energy that get shaped for better or worse based on the pattern.
Religion is how we are re-legioned into different tribal groups based on belonging and our mind is the processing unit that influences whether we feel connected and like we belong or not.
What we haven’t been acknowledging is the correlation between the heart chakra or energy portal in the body and the solar plexus, sacral and root chakras which each reflect a different power centre that must be respected and honoured from an energetic level.
This is the kind of stuff that we’re going to be talking about and working through together in good company through these social meetings with a side of PG, that being Personal Growth in these parts of the world.
And yes, that’s what it means to create your own system of communication with clear definitions that are laid out plainly from the beginning.
With love and respect,
Laura jeH – Namaste

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