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When We Betray Our Essence: Connection – Day 32 of 66


Ever get so busy collecting stories that you fail to properly digest and understand the ones you’ve already heard, or don’t even share them simply because you moved onto the next one so fast?

I find with how fast things are moving today I do that all the time and then have half written messages wind up in my drafts box instead of your inbox far too often. Surely I’m not the only one who finds themselves in the habit of not hitting post, in the name of editing it again or not being ready for the grand reveal, but in the end we can’t afford to keep our truth hidden anymore.

I think it’s time to connect with each other less from a place of needing to be wounded before being open to connecting, but willing to realize that some of us feel the need to get broken totally open before we start looking for someone we can trust to stitch us back up and keep us conscious while we recover.

I was walking down the street on Monday and recorded a message about ‘When We Betray a Our Essence’ – A live stream about passing up opportunities for connection simply because connecting is no longer the normal thing to do, even though it’s our most natural inclination… check it out here.

I’ve posted many more videos on my YouTube channel too so go on, check them out and put them on in the background while you do your makeup, clean up after a meal or whenever else you’re doing something you can be distracted during. I’m a huge fan on learning on the go and am using YouTube to share the insights and wisdom I’ve gained so be sure you subscribe so you can jump on LIVE for the next one!

It’s finally all coming together now and while I may not have thought I needed all this time to figure it out, turns out I must have because I did and that’s ok.

Be gentle with yourself dear one, it doesn’t get easier just because you decided to make things harder for yourself. Give yourself the grace of space when it’s required and be sure to connect with other soulfull seekers who are committed to going against the norm in order to get back to what’s most natural too!

Much love,

Laura JeH – Namaste


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